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Wine Club Events


(Member Exclusive)

Come experience crush! Try the grapes before they begin their transformation into wine! Learn the first steps that begin the process to wine. Food will be provided. Dates subject to change.

Winter Barrel Tastings

(Member Exclusive)

Taste the wines that are aging in the barrels and enjoy delicious bites and sample the newest wine releases. Enjoy an evening with the wine makes and hear the tales that created the vintage.

Spring Barrel Tastings

(Member Exclusive)

Taste final blends from our tanks before they are bottled. Enjoy delicious bites with your wine and sample the newest releases. Learn the processes that are going on in the cellar in the spring.

Summer Barrel Tastings

(12-Bottle Member Exclusive)
Club member, come and join us for a summer party including wine, food and music. Celebrate with us as we prepare for our upcoming harvest!

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